Debugging tips

I wanted to tell you guys about some of my things I use to debug my programs. I will first list them and then go in depth.

I use:
cheat engine
IDE debugger

  1. Cheat engine
    Cheat engine can be used to change RAM value’s in a program. It als has a debugger. You can download it on: Why should you change RAM values you think? for example you can check what happens when you change a value while your program is running, when it gets corrupted maybe. You can test how robust your program is to weird values or corrupted memorry.
  2. IDE debugger
    this maybe seems so simple but many people don’t use the default debuggers. You can step through your programs for example. This makes it way more easy to debug your program.
  3. Loggers
    You should use loggers not only to show progress to users, but also to show where in the program exactly something went wrong. You can also log to files. So you could also upload those files if people using your software allow it to debug even more.

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