some more information

hello, yes I have not forgotten you.
hereby I want to give an update on the topics py_ide and the hardware monitor

let’s start with py_ide.
i am working on a big update for py_ide, with several big changes.
there will be better performance, with possibly more multi-threading performance improvements, but besides that, I will be coming soon with py_ide for linux. maybe not very soon, because I want to make it a good release. That it works exactly like the windows version. and also exactly how I want. this is something I will continue to inform you about in the future.

now the hardware monitor
you might be thinking why the development is taking so long? well I try to make a high performance but modular design, because then I can easily keep adding things without affecting the performance. or at least not in a noticeable way. I also have problems with network statistics and finding the current CPU core clocks, but I should be fine.

I hope that with this update I inform you well about what I am doing and what I want to bring you.

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