open-editor (web)installer

I am now just started working with an other way to make installers but I cant get it to work so sorry if updates are coming late I am trying my hardest to get it to work as fast as possible and then you also will have a control panel from where you can update, modify and remove open-editor from but for now I am stuck.

for programmers that read this I made a post about this problem on stackoverflow and if you want you can help. this is the link to my post:


I create and post this post because I have something to announce.

I have made my own text editor that you can check out on it is and will stay an open source editor. It has highlighters for the programming languages: c, c++, python and java. Please tell me in a comment how you think about the editor and maybe give me some suggestions. you can report bugs at: You can follow de the development with the #open-editor.