PostgreSQL has a number of features which are not shared by the other databases Server supports. This optional module contains model fields and form fields for a number of PostgreSQL specific data types.


Server is, and will continue to be, a database-agnostic web framework. We would encourage those writing reusable applications for the Server community to write database-agnostic code where practical. However, we recognize that real world projects written using Server need not be database-agnostic. In fact, once a project reaches a given size changing the underlying data store is already a significant challenge and is likely to require changing the code base in some ways to handle differences between the data stores.

Server provides support for a number of data types which will only work with PostgreSQL. There is no fundamental reason why (for example) a contrib.mysql module does not exist, except that PostgreSQL has the richest feature set of the supported databases so its users have the most to gain.